3.3 Insert more of yourself in your marketing.

Whether it’s about your work, your private life or your friendships, we all want to be seen. To be seen is, in my view, even a fundamental right. We are born with it, and unfortunately, we are also mortal, so we also die with it. You do not get that right just like that.

So it is a condition that the people who are important to you really get to know you. For you there is only one, not only for yourself, but also for the other that is a unique experience. And we do want to remember each other.

Showing yourself is therefore a question of honest daring.

Do not pretend to be less than you are, but also no more than necessary. Dare to show your strength, but also your vulnerability. Because we are not just professionals, we are also people. And customers-people want to work with ‘lifelike’ trade people. Because you know what you have on them. Because it is much more fun, more exciting, more dynamic and more surprising.

So that you will benefit from that in all ways. As an audience.

However, telling your own story well is no easy task. It must be shaped in such a way that someone else can receive it. In addition, you will always experience that there are people who are receptive to your story and those who reject it. As long as you learn to live with that, nothing is wrong.

A good example of strength and vulnerability is Kitty Kylian from the Blog Academy. I have been following her for years and even did a Pro-Blogging course with her. The latter is confronting, because Kitty is, as she herself says: Delicate As A Hand Grenade. Her advice to get the box of tissues ready when she teaches you to blog ridiculously well is 100% justified and certainly not exaggerated.

That feels fragile, and that is precisely where the ‘pinch’ of her courses lies: that is precisely why you find your strength. By giving you a good squeeze, in all those places where you go missing. And that is just Totally Kitty and her own style of living and working. And she does not hesitate to show her own vulnerabilities in her blogs. A good example of Inserting more of yourself in your marketing. Because she too, of course, has to get her courses full, and that works. Effortlessly.

The latter is what matters.

If you have to push and pull, peddle and drag, then it becomes effort. How do you do that? Effortlessly acquiring new clients, marketing your company the easy way, showing what you are worth?

Its very simple: by being yourself, with postage and packaging. And to have an offer that stands out and is an offer nobody would refuse. But we are talking about this in chapter 5.4.

If you learn to work from that uniqueness, and take some of the tips and tricks that you find in this book, then you have a head start on the competition before you know it. Competition? Pooh, what a dirty word.

Actually you can delete that word right away. Because if you develop your own voice and style as much as possible and make that part of your marketing activities as a self-employed, there is no competition anymore.


Because you work according to the law of the like-attracts-like principle: You show who you are and what you have in house, that effortlessly attracts people who are great partnership. And really want to do business, in fact: want to pay the price that suits you. Just because you’re worth it.

Because what you have to offer is unaffordable, but a price tag is so useful, because we can do business.

It can be that simple, if you Insert more of yourself in your marketing.



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