Be Good and Show It – Index



What do you find in this book?
> Be Good and Show It – Synopsis.

1. A successful existence as a self-employed person.
> 1.1 What do you find in this book? (chapters)

2. About this book.
> 2.1 Show what you are worth.

3. Winning starts with a good start.
> 3.1 Banging the Drum for Self-employed.
– 3.2 A good start is the whole job.
– 3.3 Insert more of yourself in your marketing.
Interlude (1) Interview with piano teacher Bertine Hobbelman.
– 3.4 Communicating is inspiring your customer to make choices.
– 3.5 A means is not a goal.

4. You are the real challenge.
> 4.1 Boss in own store … on course with a scenario.
– 4.2 You are the most important business model.
Interlude (2) Interview with fashion maker Chris Ezerman.
– 4.3 A plan for ‘the time of your life’. From starters to veterans.
– 4.4 Making money as a Pro. How do you do that? Without trial and error.
– 4.5 The hidden drivers of everything. Marketing and communications.
– 4.6 Maximum confidence on yourself.
– 4.7 Powerful starting points for small businesses. Brand thinking helps.
– 4.8 Not good, money back. Relativity theory for freelancers.

5. Your Plan of Action.
> 5.1 The only thing that is relevant for another is your meaning.
– 5.2 Entrepreneurship is looking ahead: where your heart is, lies your destiny.
– 5.3 It is how you perceive things, how you see them.
– 5.4 It is about your unique power. Being the very best is unnecessary.
– 5.5 Your mission as a promise: how ambition successfully sells vision.
Interlude (3) Interview with visual strategist Huub Koch.
– 5.6 Create an instant we-feeling, the name of your company.
– 5.7 Let us know that you exist: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.
– 5.8 The customer as the hero of your story (who will you make happy?)

6. The goal is the means.
> 6.1 The art of ‘business’ creativity. Designing yourself as a magnet.
– 6.2 Business creativity in action: identity that suits you and your customers.
– 6.3 The four building blocks of your visual identity. (Need vs budget).
– 6.4 Social Media. Fake Paradises and Virtual Realities.
– 6.5 Storytelling – Telling stories with Old and Contemporary Resources.
– 6.6 The goal is the way. The road is the goal. It will be nothing without you.
Interlude (4) Interview with ‘fresh thinker’ Lisa van Noorden.

7. Handles that help you.
> 7.1 Bringing your communication tools to life. Outsource or do it yourself?
– 7.2 Words are only deeds if they can make a real difference.
– 7.3 In the imagination the unspeakable derives its power from …
– 7.4 Graphic design: making decisions on a white sheet of paper.
– 7.5 Communicating powerfully on the internet. Embrace your spider on the web.
– 7.6 Public Relations, Advertising and Media. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

8. For sustainable pleasure.
– 8.1 Harvesting the harvest – with sustainable enjoyment for everyone.
– 8.2 Dealing with adversity. Waiting for fertile soil …
– 8.3 Resilience. ‘Looking differently’ at the obstacles that form the road.
– 8.4 Striving for the highest achievable – life as a work of art.
Interlude (5) Interview with Photographer Max Dereta.
– 8.5 Entrepreneurship is like cooking soup. Feel free to change the recipe…
– 8.6 Do you still enjoy yourself? If you made the right choices, probably yes.

9. Colophon.
> About Huub Koch
– 9.1 My personal story
– 9.2 The Dao of Communication
– 9.3 Zichtbare Zaken – Visible Matters.


The Dutch Version.



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