Life: our inexplicable ground of existence that needs no further justification.

Light side: the dance of life; the infinite discovery.
Shadow: blood, sweat and tears, short-sightedness.


The earth is our mother. On earth we express our individuality and we learn patience and detachment.

Again we step into the world.

She offers a jumble of beautiful places and tragic events.

In that complex chaos, however, everything and everyone is in the right place. So everything can be there. Everything that exists and everything that lives is a gift.

Realizing this inspires confidence.

In the midst of all that life and death – from wedding to funeral – and all that turbulence you can find peace (…) when you dare to awaken. By being consciously aware you develop the realization that the world reflects your thoughts.

With our thoughts we create our reality within the wealth of possibilities that the cosmos offers us. The world offers an inexhaustible source of opportunities to gain experience. The cosmic order is at first sight rather chaotic.

You can experience something like that in your life: sometimes things go well and everything is clear, and sometimes you do not know exactly who you are, what you want or what you have to do.

The mind wants to realize itself through the body and looks for a way of life in which the body is not a prison but a valued vehicle.


Huub Koch (Rotterdam, 1956) studied Visual Communication at the Willem de Kooning Academy (Netherlands) and the Hochschule für Gestaltung (Germany). He is a visual strategist, creative designer, design philosopher, blogger, vlogger, book reviewer, speaker and essayist. Koch debuted in 1975 as a poet, serialist and prosaist. He was active as stage designer, documentary photographer, visual artist and as a design entrepreneur. As a publicist in his field he contributed on: ‘The Education of a Typographer’, ‘Flyerdam’, ‘Web-TV’, En dan nu de Polonaise, Beweging in de zaak’ and ‘Ontdek Vloggen’. Since 2015 he writes essays for literary magazine Extaze. He finds his joy in every mode of ‘the art of living’ that makes his heart beat faster. Just wrote two books, and that is ‘the start of something new’.


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