3.5 A means is not a goal.

If you want to make a table or chair, you need materials and tools. If you want to make music an instrument and a repertoire. Whatever you want to do in life, without means that bring you to your goal, you don’t get there.

The same applies to marketing and communication.

But beware: a means is not a goal.

A means is a bundling of motives that lead to that goal.

People want things.
A house or a car.
But is that really what you want?

Of course, a person wants a home, but even more a place that gives you space to live, to receive guests, to organize, to work, to play, to eat and to sleep. So enjoy the possession, but even more of the fruits. It’s that simple.

Visual identities and websites are also things. They have a purpose. The latter must be on focus.

What you get for your money is not the means, but the fulfillment of the goal that you have as your deepest wish. You invest in that, otherwise it will be costs and tools that are not necessarily usable for the task it has.

Almost everyone with the right knowledge and experience can make things, but a tool that really works for you is a different story. It helps to focus, and think ahead. Plan the road, make a plan, clarify your real desire.

Because – you are a person with a wish. A wish that wants to find a hearing.

As a customer of a designer, you often have an idea that is still vague. Your question seems clear, but that illusion is deceiving. It seems so simple, so obvious. You want a visual identity or a website, that’s what you say.

But is that the real question, the point that really matters?


Things must make your life easier. When you get into a car you want you to arrive at your destination. A house must be a cocoon where you can find peace and feel at home.

As an owner you do not want to think about this afterwards.

As a human being with a mission you want to create a space to live and work. In your own way, in your own style.

In this way you work on your own development and the pleasure and well-being of others. We call the latter customers, also people with wishes.

The space in which this game is played is called your company.

A website or a visual identity is a means that gets meaning by giving it content. This content is visible through a good story and a ditto offer.

Meaning is a magnet. This is due to the instant recognition that arises when the product makes contact with the people for whom it is intended.

With a standard solution you do not get that done.

A magnet with meaning is a means that has to be set very precisely, and tailored to your customers and goals.

Magnetic fields are a tailor-made measure for intentions.


So if you want the resources you use for marketing and communication to really work for you – you have to look for your real wish, your deepest wish. The desire to be heard, foremost by your potential customers. Then you arrive at the heart of the matter, which gives strength to the purpose that is served.

Get there. You do not have to do it for less!


The Dutch Version.



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