3.4 Communicating is inspiring your customer to make choices

All your potential customers have a problem. And a desire to find a solution. Maybe you have that solution in-house – to make that clear and to underline this, a multiple-choice offer is needed. Such an offer consists at least of:

1. An entry-level product, with which the customer can test your offer.
2. Main products, the specializations that underline your unique strength.
3. VIP products, customized services where the customer 1-on-1 pulls everything out from your closet.

Satisfied customers are your ambassadors. Without you having to ask, they let everyone who could use your offer know how happy they are with you. No better advertising than word-of-mouth. Make sure your story is in order.

Every potential customer, even if referred to by a satisfied customer, wants to know who you are and what is in it for them. Customers want to make choices themselves.

Now you would think that a visit to your website is sufficient …

If it is in order and the customer has enough structure to be able to choose an approach, then that’s right.

Is your story or your offer unclear then you create confusion.

So you can not be clear enough.

Having a good story and a ditto offer has an important advantage: you can use it not only on your website, but also during a conversation, during interviews with the media, during lectures or workshops, and as a basis for shaping your corporate identity, your own visual style of communication.

The basis of all your communication starts with a good story and an offer that gives the customer a choice. If you are Banging The Drum for your company in such a way (marketing), then you prove your service to your customer.

Helping your customer at the entrance is a great introduction.

Then the customer feels welcome and immediately well helped. Because making choices causes stress.


There is a price tag for every choice.

That is convenient, because then, as a customer, you have a choice for what suits your budget.

It is just like with good shoes. Buy cheap shoes – then you have pain in your feet every day. If you buy expensive shoes, you have pain in your wallet once, but then you walk comfortably. That’s how it is with every service or product.

Entry products, main products and VIP products help your customer to draw the conclusion, and to choose what feels good. Of course you do not have to name such products this way, it’s about the idea that there must be a difference. In terms of content and price.

A good story also needs a good offer.

Because communicating is not only telling your story, but also the moment you want your customer to take action.

Communicating is inspiring your customer, but not with a non-committal story. You want to attract potential customers.

If your story or your offer are unclear, you create uncertainty.

If you communicate clearly and attractively, you make it easy for customers.

To choose for you.

And – for what suits that unique customer.

You too have a huge arsenal of value for your purchaser – your client, your patient, your shopper, buyer or participant in your workshops or trainings.

Show what you are worth, but give your customer the choice to draw the conclusion himself – because whoever fits the right shoe, also likes to attract him.



The Dutch Version.



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