2.1 Show what you are worth.

This book is specially written for you, whoever you are, where and when you live. It brings you a timeless message and transcends customary definitions.

These words are especially meant for all those heroes who call themselves, with justifiable pride, independent professional, entrepreneur or culture maker. With their talent, knowledge, experience and presence, they enrich our world and leave it more beautiful than they find it.

Do you know them? Does their name ring a bell? Do you know what their motives are? Do you understand what their unique qualities add to you?

Now I touch a delicate point

Self-employed professionals are very good at their profession, but do not always sell themselves well, bring themselves to the attention or tell a clear story. In short: Marketing and Communication. That is my métier, and in this book I want to explain to you – step by step – what the Art of Banging The Drum can mean for independent professionals like you. Which does not mean that you have to do everything yourself. Some things can better be outsourced.

How does this book help you?

By entering into a constant dialogue and exchange of inspiration. So we can make Life and Work one force by bundling them together. Including your personal tone of voice, as icing on the cake. That is why this book has three storylines that overlap and touch each other. Here they are:

The Art of Banging The Drum for independent professionals describes the process and resources you need to show who you are and what your unique strength is about.

Finding meaning in your life and work as a personal quest with anecdotes, to clearly communicate the value that lies in the things you do and the importance of it for others.

And last but not least, this book is about striking the right tone. With which you create a vibration that works for you as a magnetic field.

You need every aspect to bring unity to your story. Together they form the goal-oriented communicating vessels that are looking for the brain of your ideal customer.

This book is for professionals in every field, life artists who want to show that they exist and what they have to offer. Women and men who love the work they are good at and can not refrain from living this ‘calling’ from their hearts. And thus make a party every day, because everything you do and share with love … is contagious.



The Dutch Version.



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