Synopsis: Many professionals are forced to work as independent entrepreneurs due to circumstances. That they are skilled in their field is beyond doubt, but doing business is a profession that places different demands on a person. Without proper preparation, success often remains a dot on the horizon. Most small companies are therefore killed in the first three years or lead to a vulnerable existence in the margins. The most important reason: a recruitment story and a ditto offer is lacking and the necessary creativity and innovation in the business field are a neglected child.

From a holistic perspective on marketing, communication and entrepreneurship, BE GOOD AND SHOW IT – step by step – answers to timeless strategic questions. And makes it a sustainable manual and companion, which places the definition of success in a different light. Brand thinking becomes connected with philosophical and ancient wisdom and thus forms a context that does not shy away from the personal anecdote. The reader is shown the way – in a compelling and intriguing manner – and also encourages by frank and inspiring interviews with fellow entrepreneurs.

BE GOOD AND SHOW IT – the book – teaches 45+ entrepreneurs to listen better to themselves as the person behind the company – and to find successful answers – that show you what you are worth. In this way you not only get to the core of your company, but you also touch the heart of your ideal customer.


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