What is a human being? A good friend once compared our species with fish. You know, animals that do not do much more than breathe, eat, transform that food into excrement. They move in water, they propagate and when they live in the wild they are sooner or later food for congeners or other creatures. Being born in a body, whatever, means that there is one day that you have to die.

Everything is moving. The only constant is change. Transience is part of this. Events are like thoughts or feelings, they move like clouds along a blue or gray sky. Being human is moving with the seasons. The sun rises and reaches its highest point in the afternoon, then prepares for a maneuver to go down under. What we call life is a development between extremes.

The processes in which we exist proceed as the course of things. Apparently we have no influence on that. We think, hope or believe to influence the outcome of things, but that is only an appearance. The universe has its own purpose. With itself and with us. An old friend of my father once said to me: you should be glad if your parents have taught you the difference between what is good and what is bad.

Good and evil are also subject to change. For what is justified action in one situation can bring about the opposite in another. Hence the adage that those who speak do not know, and those who know do not speak. What is wisdom? It is true that wisdom comes with the years. But not everyone who is old is wise. When it comes down to it, you need to have your loved ones around. Sometimes that is family. Sometimes that’s your friends. Sometimes its you.

Life is a journey. This journey, which in itself forms a story, is more a stage than the content. In some traditions they call it The Journey of the Hero. The path that that hero enters is full of angels and clamps. Sometimes that story ends well, but not in other cases. Of course it is about the intention. Because loss can also be profit. Striving for success alone is an idea fixe. How do we know what is good or bad?

When I look at the story of my family, it fulfills me with an awareness of good intentions. Whether that aim, those motives, were also effective can not be said. Life has its own plans with us. Much of the pain we experience is nothing but resistance to what reality offers us. Moving with what life wants from us is an art. You are lucky if you meet someone who teaches you that.

Happiness in life is encountering the right people. People who know something about the use of inner strength. They live on the basis that all those things that most people attach importance to are perishable. You can know something for sure from your own experience. But knowing and being are also temporary. Only by practicing being present at what is here you can find and embrace your destination.

Does family still matter? Yes, because its also is a bearer of wisdom. Nothing is entirely true or false. Completely wise or unwise. It is always the crumbs of other people’s wisdom that show you the way. You can only walk the road yourself. There is no way but your own way. Otherwise it is the wisdom of another. It can be a source of inspiration or a stimulus to pick up your own thread again. In the end it is about this: Do what you have to do.

Original text in Dutch.


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