Life starts with a star being born inside the human condition (you) and ends with a cross marked behind your name by others (them). Mission completed.

What happens in between these vibrant points of reference is visualized as a complex fabric of various timelines.

We live our lives in different currents of existence. Thoughts, words, images and deeds accompany this process. All written out loud in The Book of Nothingness. A book of blank pages, with letters and illustrations wiped out by time itself.

Nothing remains but the essence of being there. What is left are the signs of the times, the colors of history and the stories we leave behind.


HUUB KOCH | 23rd of december 2017.

Huub Koch (Rotterdam, 1956) studied Visual Communication at the Willem de Kooning Academy (Netherlands) and the Hochschule für Gestaltung (Germany). He is a visual strategist, creative designer, design philosopher, blogger, vlogger, book reviewer, speaker and essayist. Koch debuted in 1975 as a poet, serialist and prosaist. He was active as stage designer, documentary photographer, visual artist and as a design entrepreneur. As a publicist in his field he contributed on: ‘The Education of a Typographer’, ‘Flyerdam’, ‘Web-TV’, En dan nu de Polonaise, Beweging in de zaak’ and ‘Ontdek Vloggen’. Since 2015 he writes essays for literary magazine Extaze. He finds his joy in every mode of ‘the art of living’ that makes his heart beat faster. Just wrote two books, and that is ‘the start of something new’.


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